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Written by Jennifer Denison
"Making the leap into ranch-horse versatility competition has been a learning experience for Tripp Townsend and the ranch hands at Sandhill Cattle Company. But training their horses for competition has become a part of their everyday ranch routine.
A decade ago, training horses for competition was the last thing on Tripp Townsend’s mind. The 36-year-old cowboy grew up riding horses in Texas and Colorado, on ranches that his father managed.
The Townsends always considered their horses more than machines used to do a job, valuing good horsemanship skills and seeking ways to improve their horses’ abilities. But solid training information wasn’t as widespread as it is today, and few competitive opportunities existed for ranch horses." CLICK ABOVE TO FINISH READING THIS ARTICLE

Versatily Ranch Horse Class Rules for AQHA

Stock Horse Association of Texas (ALL BREED)
2008 Handbook Link

Versatility Ranch Horse Tack Check
Versatility ranch competition tests the skills of working horses. To be successful, the first thing you need is a good horse, but the right equipment also is essential.
By Van Hargis with Susan Morrison

"Roping and dragging a log is required in the trail portion of ranch versatility contests, as I'm demonstrating here aboard Quarter Horse Docs Dandy Whimper. In addition to the skills required to get the job done in the class, you need to make sure you've got the right equipment. Note the absence of silver on my horse's headstall and saddle.
Photo by Darrell Dodds
In the September 2004 issue of Horse & Rider magazine, I talked about some versatility ranch horse basics for you and your horse. Good working equipment is a must on the ranch, and it's important that you have the right equipment in the show pen as well"
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The National Versatility Ranch Horse Association was founded in 2007 to provide an organization which focuses on the amateur use of the American Ranch Horse performing the events established by the American Quarter Horse Association. The NVRHA’s primary goal is to facilitate events in which the rider experiences fun and the knowledge gained is the primary focus of each and every event. Events will be designed for all levels of riding skills.
Youth Riders based on age 18 years old and under.
Novice Riders will be able to take their backyard horse (of any breed and skill level) and attend Introductory Ranch Horse sessions which will provide a “stepping stone” for both the horse and rider.
Intermediate Riders will be placed into divisions with like riders to advance their horsemanship skills.
Advanced Riders will be able to practice the various Ranch Horse events that focus on “Excellence Achievement”.
Regardless of the rider level, the event’s primary focus will be the “education and enjoyment of the adventure”.
The NVRHA will serve as a “ramp up” for amateurs wishing to compete in the AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse Special Events. For others, it will provide competitions in which they can enjoy riding the event in a more “stress free” environment.
The NVRHA will advance the All-Around Stock Horse of all breeds performing the functions “The Legend” was bred to do – ranch work – ranch riding, trail, roping, cutting, and reining. The NVRHA will promote the ranch horse which has the form to achieve a high level of excellence in the performance of these events. Structural correctness, balanced body form, a good mind, and athletic ability will be the principle attributes of the Ranch Horse.